Connect people with the history of Western Canada

Our Partners in History program enables the Park to match the giving interests of individuals, corporations and foundations with the Park’s unique and meaningful funding needs. Each year, our partners contribute funds to a variety of projects and activities to enrich the experience of our guests.

Past and current projects include:

  • Famous 5 Interpretive Centre
  • River Forth Dining Car
  • Dingman Well
  • Natural Resource Area
  • Aboriginal Programming
  • Daily Interpretive Programming
  • Educational Programming
  • Summer Camps
  • Performing Arts Programming

Your generous gift to the past makes you an integral part of Heritage Park’s future. The exhibits, programs and people of Heritage Park are how we engage the public with the history of western Canada. The Park is a completely immersive experience designed to leave visitors with an education and a first-hand experience that simply cannot be duplicated by a textbook.

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The Heritage Park/Jack Carter Charity Golf Classic


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