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Virtual Field Trip

We invite you and your students to join us on a virtual field trip. Below you will find slideshows, activities and more.

Postcard to the Past

Inexpensive to buy and costing only a few cents to mail overseas, picture postcards were a popular way for recent immigrants to keep in touch with those back home. A short message to loved ones to let them know you arrived safely in Canada might be the first news your family has heard from you in weeks.

Here we offer a selection of postcards from the past. Have your students read them and note any themes in the postcard messages. Then, have them write their own postcard.

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Slideshow #1:
How Canada's Colonist Cars Helped to Build a Nation

In the early days of Western Canadian settlement, special rail cars known as colonist cars played a key role in transporting newcomers from Eastern ports to their new homes out west. 

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Slideshow #2
The History and Restoration of Colonist Car #1202

Colonist Car #1202 is a restored rail car that is part of Heritage Park's extensive rail collection. This rail car was built in 1905, and was restored in 2018.

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Slideshow #3
Push, Pull, Promises

In the late 19th and early 20th century, the new nation of Canada proved to be quite appealing to immigrants from a variety of countries who came here in search of a better life. 

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Slideshow #4
Together We Stand

Canada used colonist cars to populate the country, to unite the people during peace time and to facilitate the war efforts. 

As they crisscrossed the country, colonist cars sowed the seeds of multiculturalism from sea to sea. 

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