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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

Heritage Park, Gasoline Alley Museum and Heritage Town Square have different operating hours depending on the season. Please visit Hours of Operation, for details on when various areas of the Park are open.

What year did Heritage Park open?

The Heritage Park Society was formed in 1963, and the Park officially opened in 1964.

Where is the Park entrance?

The entrance to the Historical Village is located next to the Gasoline Alley Museum building. Guests may also purchase day passes online or from the admission desk inside Gasoline Alley Museum. 

Do you offer fee assistance?

Heritage Park partners with the City of Calgary’s Fee Assistance Program to ensure that those in Calgary who are financially disadvantaged have the opportunity to visit the Park. For more information please click here. Please note that Fee Assistance is not accepted for ticketed events, including Ghouls' Night Out and Day Out With Thomas.

Where can you eat?

A wide variety of dining and concession options are available throughout the Park.

Is there an ATM at the Park?

We have ATMs at four locations: between the Railway Café and Orientation Gallery, Gasoline Alley Museum, in the Town Hall, and the Wainwright Hotel.

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Where are the washrooms?

Washrooms are located at: the Railway Café, Gasoline Alley Museum, Midnapore Train Station, Weedon School, Shepard Station, Garden Washrooms (next to the midway), Ranchers’ Hall, and between the Celebration and Chautauqua Tents.  The Park also has one family washroom located around the side of the Town Hall facing the vacant lot.

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How accessible is the Park by wheelchair?

The three main areas of the Park have different degrees of wheelchair accessibility.

Gasoline Alley Museum and Heritage Town Square are fully accessible by wheelchairs.

However, the historical village does represent pre-WWI western Canada and has gravel roads and boardwalks. As many of our buildings and exhibits are originals from the turn of the century, they are simply physically unable to accommodate wheelchairs. Where possible we have made building adjustments for accessibility. All exhibit sites that are accessibly by wheelchair are identified by a wheelchair symbol on the map that is handed out at the front gate.

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Can we rent wheelchairs, wagons, motorized scooters or strollers from Heritage Park?

Unfortunately, the Park is not equipped to handle those requests.

Are we able to rent lockers from Heritage Park during our visit?

Heritage Park does not currently have any secure locker facilities available for rent.

Do you have a Lost and Found?

Yes, there is a Lost and Found at the Security Office on the north side of the Haskayne Mercantile Block, located under the clock tower.

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Can I take professional photos during my visit?

Commercial use of photos and video taken during your visit are strictly prohibited without written consent from the Heritage Park Society.
Please see our photography session rates for more information.

Does the city bus come to the Park? Where do I catch it?

Calgary Transit runs the route 502 bus between the Heritage LRT station and the front gate of Heritage Park.
View the City of Calgary Transit Schedule for more information.

Can I ride the Heritage Park Bus inside the gates?

The Heritage Park bus is for special-needs guests, those who are physically challenged and for operational purposes only.

Can I take my stroller on the train?

Out of respect for the safety of passengers and our train crews, strollers, carriages and wagons are not permitted aboard the train.

They may be left at the stations during your journey, but please keep your valuables with you.

Why isn't the Park open later in the evening?

The Park is available in the evening for guests interested in booking the Park as a unique year-round banquet facility.

You may book a facility or venue for your own private event by contacting [email protected]

When does my annual membership expire?

Annual memberships expire one year from the date of purchase. To double check your expiry date, please call (403) 268-8500 and have your membership number ready. 

View more information on annual memberships.

For ticketed events, do we have to pay admission as well?

Ticketed events generally occur after the Park is closed, or the gate admission fee is included in the cost of the ticket.

Some exceptions to this include our afternoon Tea on the Verandah, River Forth lunches and special event brunches where admission needs to be purchased separately.

Where can I purchase gift cards?

Heritage Park gift cards are available before the front gates at Reception, Front Gate, Gasoline Alley Museum, the Selkirk Grille, Railway Café, and the Haskayne Mercantile Block.  Inside the summer seasonal historical village gift cards can be purchased at Gledhill's Drugstore, Botsford Harness Shop and at the Calgary Town Hall.

Does anyone live in the Park?

No. People no longer live in our historical buildings that were either moved to the park or recreated.

However, costumed interpreters are all over the Park, reenacting life from the eras of 1860s, 1880s, 1910, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.

I've heard that Heritage Park has its own ghosts! How can I learn more about them?

There are many ghost stories about Heritage Park. We offer guided ghost tours, generally in early spring and early fall. We also offer a ghost tour + dinner combination, called Ghosts & Gourmet, which takes place near Halloween. 

A  booklet was also published in 1996 about the ghosts. The book is sold in the Haskayne Mercantile shops and at the Gledhill’s Drugstore in the historical village.

Can I have my wedding or family photos taken in the Park?

Yes. However, fees do apply and prior arrangements must be made with the Park.

For a unique photo experience, visit the Park Lane Antique Portrait Studio in Botsford Harness Shop, and you’ll have the opportunity to dress the historical part.

Is there sunscreen for purchase?

Sunscreen is available in Gledhill’s Drugstore in the historical village, near the Wainwright Hotel. Sunglasses and insect repellent are also available.


Do you sell Band-Aids, or do you have a first-aid kit?

Unfortunately, we do not sell Band-Aids. They can be obtained from one of the Park’s various first-aid kits.

Can I buy stamps to mail my Heritage Park postcard?

Stamps are available during the summer season in the historical village at the post office next to the Wainwright Hotel, and you can mail your postcard from there too!


If it rains unexpectedly, can we buy umbrellas/rain gear?

Yes. Rain gear (ponchos, bonnets and umbrellas) is sold in the Haskayne Mercantile Block shops before the gates, and during the summer season, at Gledhill’s Drugstore and I.G. Baker in the historical village.


Is it okay for me to smoke in the buildings? Can I take my beer outside?

Due to the historical nature of these buildings, smoking or using e-cigarettes is not permitted in any of the buildings. There is a designated smoking area at the front of the Park and in the historical village beside the Roundhouse for both regular and e-cigarettes.

Alcohol purchased at the Wainwright Hotel, Drew's Saloon and the Selkirk Grille must be consumed inside the premises to adhere to our liquor license.


Why can't I bring my pet into the Park, even if it is on a leash?

We do not allow pets due to the horses and livestock at the Park. It’s impossible to predict how they will mix.

In addition, we must consider the comfort and safety of other guests. Service dogs, however, are permitted inside the Park.

How do I donate money or an object?

To donate money to the Park, please visit the donation section of our website. To donate an object, please click here.

Who owns Heritage Park Historical Village?

The Heritage Park Society is a charitable organization, with direction provided by a volunteer board of directors.

Is there overnight RV parking or overnight camping?

There is no overnight RV parking or overnight camping at the Park, but there are some local campgrounds in the Calgary vicinity which accommodate camping and RVs.

We do not endorse any one of these campgrounds, and have provided this information for your convenience:

Riverbend Campground 

Calaway Park Campground 

Mountain View Camping

Do you have to pay for parking?


Heritage Park is a registered charity, and your parking fees help support our mission to preserve the history of the early West. For more information please visit our parking page.

Can you stay at the Wainwright Hotel?

The Wainwright Hotel is a historical exhibit only. There is no accommodation available on site at Heritage Park.

Check out our Hotels & Partners page for recommended places to stay while visiting Calgary.

Do you have a skating rink?

Heritage Park does not currently offer a skating rink.

Are there height restrictions on your Antique Midway rides?

The Caterpillar, Whip and Big Eli Ferris Wheel: children between 33-48 inches tall may ride accompanied by an adult; those over 48 inches tall may ride alone. Dangler swings: children must be over 42 inches tall to ride.

Heritage Park has implemented the Restrictions Exemption Program. For more information visit our COVID-19 Information page