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Future Planning

What's New?

As part of the Reflect. Reimagine. Renew. process, we’ve been consulting with community members, visitors, annual membership holders, neighbours, community leaders and donors, listening to their thoughts about Heritage Park’s continued evolution.

Watch as President and CEO Lindsey Galloway talks about some of our big takeaways and learnings for this important project.

Our first takeaway is the "Power of Place" that is created at Heritage Park, focusing on the powerful memories that the Park has created from school trips, birthdays, family visits and weddings.

The second, "The Past is Today," explores what we learn from history and how to apply it to the present day.

Our third takeaway is that we “Embrace Diversity.” Heritage Park sits in the middle of one of the greatest cities in the world, a place where we hold our history high for all to see and where we support the myriad of cultures and backgrounds that make Heritage Park what it is today.

Our fourth big learning from this process, "More Experiences", is that Heritage Park isn’t just a collection of things – it’s an experience all to itself.


The Spring Update shares what we heard, and what that means as we move on to reimagining the Park’s next 20 years. 

RRR Spring 2022


More on the Reflect. Reimagine. Renew. Process 

Heritage Park is planning for the future to ensure we continue to bring to life the stories of the diverse people who have shaped the unique heritage and development of Western Canada.  

We are updating our long-term strategic plan and creating a Park Development Plan, which looks at how we will develop our land, buildings and programming over the next 20 years. We are doing this through a process called Reflect. Reimagine. Renew.

We have completed the listening phase of our planning process and our planning partner has analyzed key findings from our stakeholder input as well as other research.

What we heard

Board Room

Through consultation with hundreds of visitors, annual membership holders, employees, volunteers, neighbours, community leaders and donors over the past year, we heard that:

  • Preserving and promoting a shared understanding of history is vitally important;  
  • We need a safe place to gather, have fun, discover and learn together;
  • There is a desire for more diverse stories told by more diverse storytellers; and, 
  • We should consider more stories and immersive experiences that appeal to all age groups


We’re excited to enhance the stories of our shared history and how they’re told – with new experiences, added fun, interactivity and diverse voices – while reaching audiences of all ages, always grounded in the unique setting of history.

What's next?

The Reflect. Reimagine. Renew. process has reaffirmed that Heritage Park has social impact that extends beyond our gates.

Heritage Park is set to expand our impact as a living history museum, one of Alberta’s top tourism attractions, and a community builder.  We look forward to sharing the Park Development Plan in the coming months, and to continuing to engage with our stakeholders as we bring the plan to life.

Watch this space for updates on the Reflect. Reimagine. Renew. process and how to share your input. 
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Heritage Park has implemented the Restrictions Exemption Program. For more information visit our COVID-19 Information page