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Mackay Cabin

Although some records indicate this cabin was built as early as 1870, it was probably built in 1884 or 1885 in Calgary, by William Bruce, out of logs salvaged from an abandoned mine and floated down the Bow River.

James Grant Mackay, a Scottish immigrant, rented the cabin for his family in 1886, and it would later be owned or rented by a variety of Calgary families, possibly including the in-laws of John Ware, the famous African American rancher. In fact, Ware's first child might have been born here in 1893.  Between 1906 and 1914 the building was the Log Cabin Bakery, and then it became a rental property again and eventually was taken over by the City of Calgary for tax reasons.  The city donated the building to Heritage Park.  Since 1964 at Heritage Park, the cabin has served as a combination barbershop and harness shop, a print shop and a bakery. In 1976, it was moved to the Park's settlement area, where it reprised its role as a residence.