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Canmore Opera House

The Canmore Opera House was built by members of the H.W. McNeill Company Brass Band in 1898 in Canmore, about 100 kilometres west of Calgary at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. At 49-feet-by-26-feet, the structure was quite large for a log building. The building, known to most people as the Band Hall, was used to host a variety of community events such as whist drives, plays, mine-sponsored Christmas parties and lavish dances.

During its heyday in Canmore, the building was the most popular place for entertainment on Wednesday and Saturday nights. After William Millar Ramsay acquired the business in 1922, he changed its name to the Opera House and made extensive changes, including a sloping floor, upholstered chairs and an addition that nearly doubled the size of the structure. Stars such as Jack Benny and Ginger Rogers drove from Banff to Canmore to see the world's only log opera house. The building held its last show in 1960, and was slated for demolition, but was saved when the owner, Canmore Mines Ltd., donated the building to Heritage Park in 1964. Alberta Theatre Projects became its main tenant between 1972 and 1985. Since then, the opera house has been relocated within the Historical Village and was fully refurbished in 2010.


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