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Gledhill's Drug Store

Gledhill’s Drugstore carries all of your essential care products: soaps, lotions, bath products, bug spray, sunscreen and more. 

Open summer only, during regular park hours. 


In prairie towns without a doctor or veterinarian, a pharmacist's advice was highly valued. Druggists were expected to have both a basic knowledge of medicine, and to be able to prescribe effective medication for humans and animals.

Frank E. Livingston built his drugstore in 1908 at Dundurn, Saskatchewan, 50 kilometres southeast of Saskatoon, with bevelled glass mirrors, embossed tin on the ceiling and a floor of maple, a building material rarely found on the Prairies. Despite the value placed on the advice of a pharmacist, most druggists could not live on the income generated by simply dispensing medicine, and Livingston's drugstore, like most, also sold toiletries, candy, toothbrushes, tobacco, brushes and razors. Livingston sold the business in 1911, and the building, which went through several ownership changes and moved south to Hanley, Saskatchewan, was purchased by Heritage Park in 1972.