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Nanton Livery Stable

The Enterprise Livery Barn has had a variety of owners and operators. Henry Winsor built his livery stable in the town of Nanton, Alberta, in about 1905, and the Enterprise Livery Barn saw a variety of owners and operators over the years. Since then the barn has served as a taxi stand, a truck depot, and as a shelter for an ill-fated pumice business. With the help of a generous donation made by the Rotary Club in celebration of Canada’s centennial, Heritage Park was able to acquire the barn in 1966. After the barn was relocated to Heritage Park, it underwent extensive restorations, including a new roof and a new floor for the hayloft. Since its opening in 1967, the Enterprise Livery Barn exhibit has been used to stable Heritage Park’s horses and display carriage exhibits. In 1997 and 1998, the barn’s foundation was stabilized, and the roof, cladding, and floor were replaced.


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