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Railway Roundhouse

Heritage Park built this structure in order to provide proper facilities for the repair and maintenance of its locomotives, to showcase some of its rail exhibits indoors and to represent a typical Canadian Pacific Railway roundhouse used in Western Canada before 1915. 

Heritage Park is equipped to do about 95 percent of its locomotive repairs and maintenance on-site. The other four stalls are used to house the Snowplow, Jordan Spreader, Caboose No. 437358, and Locomotive 2018, also known as the ‘Canmore Goat.’ The structures descending from the ceiling are called ‘Smoke Jacks.’ When locomotives are parked in the Roundhouse, their smokestacks are positioned under the Smoke Jacks, thereby venting any smoke directly outdoors. The Smoke Jacks in the repair and maintenance area are functional, however, the ones on the display side are just mock-ups.

Traditionally, the roundhouse would be in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Men in the roundhouse worked 12-hour days, six days a week. The Railway Roundhouse was financed by a grant from the Alberta Heritage Fund for Alberta's 75th Anniversary and opened in 1981.


Heritage Park has implemented the Restrictions Exemption Program. For more information visit our COVID-19 Information page