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Weedon School and Barn

The Weedon School is an excellent example of a one-room, multi-grade community school commonly found in villages and rural settings during the early days of the West. It was built in 1910 about 18 kilometres north of Cochrane, Alberta, by Mr. and Mrs. James Andison.

The Weedon School, which provided an education up to a Grade 9 equivalent, had an above-average enrolment for rural schools, which usually saw high absentee rates because of duties on the farm. Teachers, who stayed at most schools for a maximum of two years, boarded with local families. The horses the children rode to Weedon School were kept in an adjacent barn. The school was closed in 1943 when the children started getting bused into Cochrane, and the Alberta Teachers' Association purchased the structure in 1964 and donated it to Heritage Park.


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