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Anne Frank- A History For Today

On tour from the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Anne Frank - A History For Today is an engaging and inspirational exhibit that shares the story of Anne Frank and her family, their life in hiding, WWII, and the atrocities of the Holocaust. The stories unfold through the words of young Anne and her family, with excerpts taken from her diary. A portion of the exhibit focuses on Canada’s role in the Second World War, and the impact on our Canadian soldiers.

Compelling text and images lead us to reflect upon the past while reminding us of the prevalence of discrimination and intolerance in our society today.  This exhibition will challenge visitors to think about concepts of inclusiveness, mutual respect, human rights, and democracy. 


Holocaust Survivor, Ann Dancyger, recounts the horrors of her Holocaust experience from her early days in Ratno, Ukraine, spent hiding with her mother, to her two-year walking trek to West Germany.  

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The exhibit includes a series of bilingual panels, video, and a guided tour. 

Suitable for all ages.  Included with regular Heritage Park admission. 


Anne Frank

Photo collection of the Anne Frank Stichting (Amsterdam)

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Anne Frank House
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Included with regular Heritage Park Admission

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