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Women Making History in Alberta Awards

The Women Making History in Alberta Awards were established to celebrate women who have changed history in Alberta by inspiring others to bring their unique vision to life. Through their leadership and influence, these women have become role models, serving their communities and breaking down barriers within their networks and workplaces, and acting as visionaries – setting an example for others to follow.

Each year Heritage Park seeks nominations from which three will be winners of the Women Making History in Alberta Awards. As an organization that preserves and promotes the history of Western Canada, Heritage Park honours those who make the history we celebrate every day.

Heritage Park preserves and promotes the history of Western Canada, inviting people to step back in time to hear the stories of diverse peoples and events that have created who we are today – providing lessons and insights to help us create the history of tomorrow.

More than 550,000 guests each year come to learn about how the past influences our future – and many of these important stories are of women.  Heritage Park celebrates Women Making History in Alberta. Women who have made significant change, sometimes over long periods of time, often for large numbers of people. We remember these Women everyday by sharing their stories.

We recognize that as we wake each day, we ourselves are making history – a history which may in future be featured at Heritage Park. Heritage Park invites the community to help tell more stories about Women Making History in Alberta by nominating Women for these awards.


Nominate Today!

Heritage Park invites you to nominate Women who are from or live in Alberta, and who meet the criteria for the award. Heritage Park recognizes the privilege and responsibility that comes with choosing the people, events and stories “that make history”. These Awards endeavour to share this opportunity with anyone who would like to nominate.

Nominations are open for the 2023 Women Making History in Alberta Awards from Oct. 1 – Dec. 1, 2022. Awards will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee to choose up to three winners. Winners will be informed of their winning status in February, and invited to participate in the Awards ceremony at Heritage Park in March 2023, date to be determined.


Women Making History in Alberta Awards Criteria

Qualities of nominees

  1. The nominee must be alive when the nomination is submitted. Posthumous nominees will not be accepted.
  2. The historical impact can be in any area deemed important by the nominator.
  3. The impact the Nominee has on Alberta reveals something important for us today.
  4. The nominee has created history in a manner that is believed will be remembered and celebrated as having historical impact. 
  5. We invite the community to nominate anyone who identifies as female.
  6. Nominee must be living in Alberta when they are nominated; and
  7. They must be making history. A short description of what that means to the nominator must be attached. 


Women Making History in Alberta Awards Winners

2022: Cheryl Foggo, Cora Voyageur, Teresa Woo-Paw


Cheryl Foggo


Cheryl Foggo
A multiple award winning playwright, author and filmmaker, Cheryl Foggo’s work in the last 30 years has focused on the lives on western Canadians of African descent. She raises up the people of African descent in unique ways, shifting who we are and who we might become. Her works include the documentary John Ware Reclaimed, which is also being produced as a play at the Blyth Festival in Ontario. She is also celebrating the 30th anniversary of her book Pourin’ Down Rain: A Black Woman Claims her Place in the Canadian West. 

Dr. Cora Voyageur


Cora Voyageur
Dr. Cora Voyageur is a strong advocate for Indigenous people in Canada. She is a professor of sociology at the University of Calgary – the first Indigenous women to hold a tenured position there. A Dene woman from the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Dr. Voyageur has deep and strong roots to Alberta. She developed the Indigenous Women in Leadership Program at the Banff Centre and led the program from 2003-2019. Dr. Voyageur has tirelessly worked to change the perspective Albertans have on the experience of Indigenous peoples. 

Teresa Woo-Paw


Teresa Woo-Paw
Teresa Woo-Paw gathers Albertans together to work for a better Alberta. She has dedicated her career to promoting active civic engagement and volunteerism, social inclusion, cross-cultural understanding and antidiscrimination awareness. Teresa is the first female member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and cabinet minister of Asian-Canadian descent, breaking barriers and smoothing a path for all of us to dream how we can changed the trajectory of our shared history. 

Heritage Park is very proud to honour these women in the inaugural year of this prestigious award. Their links to our community as well as their personal stories are a beacon for us all to follow.


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