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From seeking your fortune at Prospect Ridge to Bart and all of his friends at the Ranch we've got a lot of summer fun packed in for the season! The theme for the Park this year is "The Way We Played," celebrating sports through the years.

A New Street Production

"The Canaries (La)CROSS(e) the Hilltops"

The theme for the park this year is “The Way We Played,” and it celebrates sports through the years. Our street theatre will have a production named “The Canaries (La)CROSS(e) the Hilltops.” It’s the story of two lacrosse teams – The Heritage Hilltops and The Colliery Canaries battling it out on the Lacrosse field for league supremacy. . 

We’ll also have traditional Indigenous games at the Settlement area. It’s a chance to see how Indigenous children and youth spent their time, before they learned about modern sport. 

Other sports on the park include bocce ball, croquet, lawn bowling and more. Or probably you want to get a sweat on with an Edwardian style workout. Local athletes and enthusiasts will be at the park this summer to demonstrate their passion for their sports and more! 

Step back in time and experience “The Way We Played” this summer.   

The Veterinary Practice

Located at the Nanton Livery Stable, the Veterinary Practice tells the story of the important role veterinarians have played in western Canadian agricultural businesses. Set in the 1900s the exhibit showcases the development of the veterinary industry and role played by veterinarians in the North West Mounted Police, livestock inspection services, pharmaceutical products and general practice of treating animals and livestock.

The exhibit features a working office of a turn-of-the-century veterinarian in western Canada as well as a collection of artifacts that depict the tools and trappings of an actual veterinarians’ practice.  

Prospect Ridge

Head west for your gold mining dreams! New this year at Prospect Ridge, you can pan for gold and see if you can strike it rich! If gold isn’t your thing, probably you’d like to strike it rich in the coal industry. Don your helmet and head lamp and head deep into the mine where you can experience the life of a miner working in the mine shafts of western Canada. You can see the impact hydro power had on our way of life at the water wheel and its place in agricultural production. Explore the beginnings of oil at the Dingman No. 1 well, which struck oil in Turner Valley in 1914 and learn how fossil fuels became Alberta’s main energy driver. Tie it all together at Innovation Crossing, our one of a kind smart building. It’s the home of the STORYSEEKER exhibit – which tells the story of our energy past and how it can help to inform our energy present and future. This year, Innovation Crossing will feature the Alberta: Lessons for the Future exhibit – it’s a collection of immersive displays helping guests to learn about energy, it’s place in our world and what the future of energy transition looks like.    

Restaurants and Dining

The Selkirk Restaurant’s new summer menu is rolling out on May 3. With more family friendly offerings, it’s sure to please you and your little ones alike! 

For the adult crowd, we’re excited to announce a partnership between Heritage Park and Cochrane’s Half Hitch Brewing – for our very own Selkirk Ale. A 100% Canadian grain profile of Barley, Wheat, Rye and Oats, it’s malt forward with little to no bitterness, very smooth and crisp tasting topped with aromas of sweet biscuit. Similar in style to a lager and the perfect beer for drinking on the patio. Can’t wait to see you at the Selkirk!

The Launch of Heritage Park's New Interactive Map

The park is launching a new wayfinding app as well – called Driftscape. It will help in not only wayfinding, but itinerary planning and interpretation for our park’s visitors. We're also planning to share quests and tours on the app, so stay tuned as we continue to enhance this interactive tool. Download it today

Want to work at Heritage Park?

As the summer approaches, Heritage Park is a great place to find that first job, or just something for the summer. We have positions available all over the park – both paid and volunteer. Why not join our team: Rewarding Calgary Jobs Full & Part-time | Heritage Park 

Heritage Park has implemented the Restrictions Exemption Program. For more information visit our COVID-19 Information page