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Prospect Ridge

Visit for Summer 2022 – Prospect Ridge 

Prospect Ridge

Natural resources have played an extremely important role in Alberta's history, and this newly-restored area helps to tell this fascinating story. From the rich coal deposits to the discovery of oil at the site of the Dingman Discovery Well, Alberta's history would have taken a very different course if not for our abundance of natural resources.



Long-time guests of Heritage Park will remember many of the newly-restored attractions in the Prospect Ridge area, including the Park's replica coal mine. After exploring Prospect Ridge, set on the banks of the shimmering Glenmore Reservoir, you'll emerge with a deeper understanding of this important part of Western Canadian history. 

coal mine


Prospect Ridge Exhibits and Attractions:


Dingman No.1 Discovery Well

Reproduction of the original 1913 oil derrick built near Black Diamond
Built by: 1st replica built by representatives from Home Oil, Royalite, Husky, National Pete and Shell Oil. Heritage Park staff and contractors built 2nd replica.
Exhibit opened: 1965
Exhibit reopened: 2021



Built by: Heritage Park
Exhibit originally opened: 1965 - demolished in 1992
Exhibit reopened: 2021


Coal Mine

Built by: Heritage Park
Exhibit opened: 1964 as an unadorned semi-circular tunnel
Exhibit reopened: 2021 as a ‘working’ coal mine


Coal Mine Office

Built by: Fear Brothers c1885 in Banff, Alberta
Exhibit opened: 1964 as a Miner’s Cabin
Exhibit reopened: 2021 as a Coal Mine Office


Narrow Gauge Railway

Built by: Firm of H.K Porter in 1902 and 1909, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Exhibit opened: 1964
Exhibit reopened: 2021


Road Construction Equipment Barn

Built by: Heritage Park
Exhibit opened: 1998


Prospector's Tent Cabin

Built by: Heritage Park
Exhibit opened: 2021


Warden's Cabin

Built by: Bert Prendergast, 1931 Harvie Heights
Exhibit opened: 1964 as a Trapper’s Cabin
Exhibit reopened: 2021 as a Warden’s Patrol Cabin

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